tempat hipnoterapi di jakarta

Indonesia is a special country because of featuring more than 30 ethinic tribes and two hundred distinct language. Native Indonesian still keep their traditions and dialects. You will amazed by the social, linguistic, cultural and religious customs as they are actually diverse. And the capital, Jakarta, is where you can find this diversity. That’s why this city is vibrant in the bulky Indonesia. Let’s discover more about this city who possesses rich Indonesian heritage.


Generally, the temperatures are calm and moderate. You should visit this stunning city during summers and springs. The proud metropolis houses some of the best orchids, parks and the incredible museum. These attractions are real eye catchers. They are a witness to the glorious history of this land.


1. Cuisine

Jakarta is a connoisseur paradise for all the foodies who are crazy about sea food. It has a diverse variety of eateries and restaurants to choose from.


2. Culture

The city features its individual, special “Betawi” culture. The influence of this colorful culture has reached far and wide.


3. Heritage

This artistic city is a vivid assortment of some of the most beautiful artifacts that are an evident of the well-developed architectural styles and engineering.


4. Shopping in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta is a fun-filled affair due to the establishment of some recent shopping centers. Almost all the major areas of this city have their own shopping centers. These shopping hubs specialize in different goods.


These dazzling shopping centers are economical as well as reliable.

Indonesia is already famous for its arts and creativity. It is an ideal place to purchase durable, traditional wooden furniture, porcelains and “Old Duchess lamps”. These goods are readily available in China Town.


5. Artifacts

There are several memorials and artifacts in this remarkable city. The top attraction of Jakarta is The National Monument. It is the best touring destination for all the history lovers. This place is endowed with massive halls specially designed for the purpose of meditation. The museum is not available for the public use but, on special events of the curators open the chief galleries. These art galleries reflect the colorful miniature style of painting that was practice in the ancient Indonesian land.


You may relax for a while in the fruit orchids that encircle this historical place. These gardens are offer several eye-catching fountains and figurines.


In short, Jakarta is a wonderful holiday destination, encompassing all the required activities that suit the taste of a family. So, what are you waiting for? You must visit this charismatic city. It will offer you some memorable holiday memories!


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